Smart Cells – The Opportunity to Protect Your Family's Future

The Kensington Wing are working in partnership with Smart Cells who provide private cord blood collection services to patients of the wing.

What is stem cell banking?

Smart Cells store the stem cells found in umbilical cord blood and tissue should they be needed in the future. The richest source of stem cells is umbilical cord blood meaning that birth is a once in a lifetime opportunity to collect these precious cells which could be used to save the life of someone in your family.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are biological cells found in the body. They have the ability to change into many different cell types such as blood, bone, tissue and organ cells.

There are more than 80 conditions that can be treated using umbilical cord stem cells including leukaemia, cerebral palsy and thalassaemia. Your baby’s stem cells can also potentially match and treat their siblings or parents if required.

How does cord blood collection work?

When you go to the hospital to have your baby, you just need to remember to take your stem cell collection kit with you and hand it to your private consultant who can collect the sample for you. The process is very simple and is totally pain-free and non-invasive for both mother and baby.

Why Smart Cells?

Smart Cells were the first cord blood stem cell storage company in the UK and are now renowned around the world. They have released over 20 samples for transplant. Smart Cells are the only private blood bank with their own London based state of the art laboratory and storage facility. Smart Cells are based just 15 miles from The Kensington Wing.

Now part of FamiCord Group, Europe’s largest stem cell bank, they bring expertise from more than 20 countries.

“They have been brilliant, they made the whole process very easy and explained everything in perfect detail to us.” – Vogue Williams, broadcaster

“The whole experience has been seamless and friendly. They make it all really easy.” – Amy Willerton, model & presenter

“The Smart Cells team and phlebotomist were so great at explaining the process to David and I and the hospital staff were totally accommodating and helpful in ensuring everything went smoothly. All our conversations have been brilliantly handled and everything was very clear.” – Ali Bastian, actress

Book a one-to-one with Smart Cells

This partnership means that families at The Kensington Wing will be able to access a one-to-one service with an open channel of communication with Smart Cells.

To book your one-to-one visit their website.

Exclusive Discount at The Kensington Wing

Patients at The Kensington Wing will receive an exclusive discount of £100 off at Smart Cells.

For more information about Smart Cells, visit their website:
Get in touch with Smart Cells today to start the conversation about storing your baby’s stem cells by emailing or calling 01895 424430.