We know that pregnancy and becoming a new parent is a busy time. To help you a little more we have gathered some partner companies that can help with the busy time.

Smart Cells store the stem cells found in umbilical cord blood and tissue should they be needed in the future. Using state of the art technology, we’re ensuring we are a technologically advanced and innovative company. Smart Cells is the first private UK stem cell storage company to have released stored stem cell units for use in the treatment of children with life-threatening illnesses and since then we have released the greatest number of samples for use in transplants from the UK.

Little Ones have been training and placing maternity nurses, nannies and housekeepers for families in London and internationally for over 15 years. Their team of professional consultants source the best candidates throughout the country. Their network of childcare and maternity nurses is the most extensive in the industry.

The Mummy Concierge is a bespoke, personalised experience to help you navigate pregnancy and beyond. The Mummy Concierge works with both pregnant and new mothers, acting as an elite concierge for everything to do with parenting.

Salus Optima develops personalised Health and Wellness solutions for partners, employers and employees. Salus Optima’s products sit at the intersection of health and wellness, providing holistic human performance recommendations for healthier life, work and play. The core technology is built on years of R&D, tackling the real problems people face in their everyday lives. By making the best scientific methodologies accessible to the population, Salus Optima empowers people by giving them greater control over their own health and wellbeing.

Personalised health and human performance solutions company, Salus Optima, has announced a new partnership with Chelsea Westminster Hospital. The focus of the partnership will be The Kensington Wing, a dedicated private maternity unit at Chelsea Westminster Hospital, providing women with superior clinical care around the clock, in luxury surroundings.

Salus Optima is redefining the future of consumer health and wellness. Through a scalable and flexible technology platform they tackle lifestyle challenges through tailored, progressive and responsive holistic interventions (movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset).

Yummy Tummies is a team of post-pregnancy exercise specialists dedicated to helping you get back into shape after giving birth.

All private care income is reinvested into our NHS services.The Kensington Wing is part of Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.© 2020 Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.