Tiffany Norris, aka The Mummy Concierge, recently featured in sharing her top tips for new parents – from the smartest places to give birth to the best members’ clubs for babies.

The Mummy Concierge (Tiffany) has helped the Royal Family, the social set and the A-list with their newborns.

Tiffany says ‘Forget the Portland or the Lindo Wing, the Kensington Wing is now the place to give birth. ‘The less obvious choice means A-lister parents are guaranteed even more privacy,’ explains Tiffany. ‘The Suite has its own double bed, hotel-esque en-suite and separate living room for guests.’ Tiffany also suggests booking a C-section performed by Professor Mark Johnson – the holy grail of obstetricians. ‘It’s a luxury experience that far exceeds that of any other private maternity wing.’

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Covid-19 Patient and Birth Support Testing-Update-30th March 2021

We have been performing PCR Covid-19 swabs on all patients attending the Kensington Wing for elective caesarean section and induction of labour admissions for many months.

We now require all birthing partners to be tested prior, or on admission to the Kensington Wing.

The maternity theatre requires a negative swab result from birthing partners to allow them access to this area.

We request all birthing partners to attend with you for your pre-admission appointment (scheduled 48-72hrs prior to your admission) to facilitate your PCR swabs.

We will offer rapid testing for all other birthing partners for unplanned admissions.

There is no additional charge for birth supporter testing.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding during this challenging time.

Lucy Coe (Matron- Kensington Wing) and Charlotte Deans (Clinical Director for Private Patients)

What is Midwife-led Care?

The Kensington Wing offers you the award winning Midwife Led care birth package for those who are motivated to birth naturally. Midwives are the experts in caring for mothers who are low risk and we can facilitate mothers who choose to birth in water or may even prefer an epidural. Our Midwife Led Care package can be booked anytime from a dating Ultrasound scan (around 8 weeks) up to your 33rd week of pregnancy. The package includes all antenatal appointments, routinely-required blood tests, midwife-led care during your birth and expert postnatal support. Our team are highly skilled and are passionate about supporting mothers to experience a birth they can look back on with pride. Your 34 week appointment will be conducted by one of our Kensington Wing Obstetric Consultants who will be allocated to you and called upon if there is a need to during your pregnancy, birth or afterwards.

During your pregnancy you will get to know our midwives during your antenatal appointment, and their familiar faces will be the ones greeting you when you attend the ward for any admissions or in labour.

When the time arrives for you to give birth to your baby, you will be cared for during your labour and birth by a member of our Midwife Led Care team. If an obstetrician is needed during your labour or birth, your named consultant/Obstetric Consultant covering the team will immediately become involved to ensure the safe delivery of your baby.

Following birth, you will be cared for in a private room by a midwife who will be on hand to provide you with invaluable support and advice new parents need, such as feeding and caring for baby and recovery for yourself.

Am I eligible for the Midwife Led Care package?

Midwife-led care is most suitable for women who are medically fit and well and who are having a straightforward pregnancy. If you have had a previous complication during another pregnancy, this will need to be discussed with the team but it does not necessarily prevent you from booking midwife led care.

We advise patients to check the following criteria or speak to our midwives prior to booking.

  • Singleton pregnancy
  • Cephalic presentation
  • BMI up to 35 at booking
  • Aged between 18 – 40 at time of delivery
  • Normal antenatal period
  • Normal ultrasound scans
  • Medically fit
  • Women with known GBS (Group B Strep Infection) and an otherwise normal course of events are eligible
  • Normally situated placenta
  • Mothers who have had previous instrumental births (not caesarean section)
  • No uterine fibroids

What to expect when having a Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)

The Kensington Wing is delighted to be able to offer Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPT). A Non-Invasive Prenatal Test is a DNA-based test for three chromosomal disorders: Down’s syndrome (trisomy21) Edward’s syndrome (trisomy 18) Patau syndrome (trisomy 13). Conventional screening offered on the NHS will detect approximately 70-80% of affected pregnancies.

Una is our specialist screening midwife and has had __ year’s experience as a midwife and has been part of the Kensington Wing for __ years. She will help guide you through the results and provide support throughout.

When you attend your appointment you will discuss the purpose of the test, the limitations of the test, the timeline for results and the implications of the result. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions during this Consultation At the appointment a sample of your blood will be taken and transported to the laboratory on the same day.

Una will call you with the result when it is ready and make a hard copy available to you. The results are usually available in 5 working days.

Appointments are available Monday –Thursday 08:30 -15:30. In order to book a NIPT you need to be at least 10 weeks pregnant and had an initial scan. to arrange an appointment or for further information please call Kensington Wing on 0203 315 8616

Breast feeding support at The Kensington Wing

We are very proud to have a fully qualified lactation consultant as part of the team at The Kensington wing to help support new mums with feeding.

What support do you offer to new mums in regards to breast feeding?



Mothers find that meeting a Lactation Consultant during their pregnancy can help them to prepare for their feeding journey, especially mothers who are wanting to breastfeed for the first time, or mothers who have had difficulties breastfeeding previous babies. A personalised feeding plan will be discussed with you and shared with the midwives who will be caring for you when your baby is born.

Once baby has arrived a full feeding assessment can take place, with expert help and advice to support baby to latch to the breast and feed well. A gentle and realistic feeding plan which places baby at the centre will help parents to feel empowered to understand their baby’s feeding cues, learn how to latch their baby themselves, and assess that baby is getting enough milk.

Some parents find once they have gone home they need a little more support. We are happy for you to come back with your baby and discuss issues which may include painful breastfeeding/sore nipples, reduced milk supply or blocked milk ducts and mastitis. Parents may want their baby to be assessed for tongue-tie, reflux and to assess baby’s growth.

5 top tips for new mums

1) Start thinking about your breastfeeding intentions early, speak to your midwife and book onto our antenatal classes

2) Skin-to-skin is essential for all babies, not only does it support brain growth but it helps babies to gently transition onto the breast. Hold your baby close as much as you can and respond to all their needs.

3) Most mothers find the first week of breastfeeding throws a few challenges their way, asking for support is the best way to succeed. Sleepy babies, babies learning to latch and waiting for milk to come in is all temporary.

4) Learn how to hand express! This will support your breasts to produce more milk and its a great way to feed babies who are still learning to latch.

5) Be kind to yourself, breastfeeding is as new skill for both you and baby and it can take some time to master and enjoy.

For more information or to talk to one of the team call 020 3315 8616 or email

The Kensington Wing

The Kensington Wing is the dedicated private maternity unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, providing women with around-the-clock clinical care, comfortable en-suite private rooms and hospitality services.

Being located in the heart of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital – one of the UK’s safest hospitals – the safety and wellbeing of mother and baby are reassuringly supported at all times. The Kensington Wing is immediately located next to the hospital’s outstanding and newly expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and a consultant anaesthetist remains on site at all times, 24/7, dedicated to the needs of women on the Kensington Wing.

In these uncertain times, expectant parents can have additional anxieties or concerns about childbirth or going into a hospital. To ensure the safety of our women and their birth partners, we have important infection control procedures for our staff and visitors to adhere to, but we remain welcoming to your chosen birth partner for all stages of your pregnancy, birth and postnatal stay. Your individual room and en suite facilities are a haven in these times and the catering and hospitality team ensures your stay is relaxing as well as safe.

On the Kensington Wing the consultant obstetricians, midwives, nurses and maternity support workers work together as a team.

We are delighted to offer both consultant-led and midwife-led maternity packages.

The Kensington Wing’s highly experienced team of midwives welcome enquiries from prospective women and the opportunity to discuss midwife-led care in more detail. These ‘meet the midwife’ sessions are always a relaxed and special time to talk and discover more without any obligation. For those women who are appropriate for midwife-led care, the team provide full support throughout your pregnancy and the midwifery team are available 24 hours seven days a week for advice or concerns throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal stay.

The consultant-led care package allows you the choice of one of our experienced consultant obstetricians to personally guide you through your pregnancy and birth. Your consultant provides continuity and individualised expertise throughout your journey. They build a relationship with you and your partner through the antenatal period to give you confidence to birth safely with them in line with your birth preferences. They remain to support you through the postnatal period including your 6 week postnatal check. All consultants are available to meet you and your birth partner without any obligation.

The Kensington Wing enquiry team are always happy to support with these arrangements and answer any questions. If you would like to talk to one of the team please contact us on 020 3315 8616 or email

All private care income is reinvested into our NHS services.The Kensington Wing is part of Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.© 2020 Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.