The Kensington Wing has 16 individual rooms, all with a unique layout, providing a peaceful environment with safety, comfort and privacy.

When your baby arrives, you can rest and bond with your baby in the privacy of your own private room. We aim to provide you with the highest level of comfort, so all of our rooms are designed to feel like a home away from home. Visiting times are flexible, so you and your loved ones can welcome your new baby at your leisure.

The Kensington Wing provides individual rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, which offers the privacy and peace you require during your stay. Having been designed with both your comfort and safety in mind, all rooms have a TV and small refrigerator. We will also provide you with a complimentary dressing gown, slippers, toiletries, towels, flannels, and sanitary products for you and baby. Our staff will be available to provide tea or coffee and snacks for you and your visitors.

After the birth of your baby, a team of professionals including midwives, maternity support workers, physiotherapists and specialist consultants (obstetricians and paediatricians) will be available to provide you with the care and support that you and your baby need, and to advise you on how to look after your baby; bathing, feeding, changing etc. Our neonatal consultants will carry out a baby check, this is routinely given to all newborn babies.

Our friendly staff are on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year, combining personalised care with hotel style facilities and services for the duration of your stay.

All private care income is reinvested into our NHS services.The Kensington Wing is part of Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.© 2020 Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.