Your Pregnancy Journey

All of our staff are dedicated to ensuring you all have a comfortable and memorable experience in the care of The Kensington Wing teams. There are a number of milestones in the run up to your baby’s arrival which are outlined below.

As part of your journey we are now able to welcome birthing partners on to The Kensington Wing and stay with you for the admission for birth, induction of labour and elective caesarean sections. For more information see our latest update here.

We are pleased to provide a choice of:

Consultant-led Care Pathway

Midwife-led Care Pathway

Before starting your pregnancy journey via midwife-led care, we ask that you check your eligibility first:

Midwife-led Care Eligibility

Pathway Consultant-led care Midwife led-care
Choose your consultant N/A
Optional – book a free initial consultation with a consultant
If you choose to start your pregnancy journey with this consultant, they will refer you to The Kensington Wing N/A
You will be asked to complete and return forms from the booking pack
You will be invited to a booking appointment to discuss your pregnancy and your personalised maternity care package with a midwife
In order to secure your booking, you will be required to pay your deposit
Once your forms and deposit payment are complete, you will be ready to start your pregnancy journey at The Kensington Wing and start your antenatal classes, scans and additional services
Your Kensington Wing stay / delivery
Postnatal community midwife visits (optional)
Follow-up appointments (optional)

Speak to the team

T: +44 (0)20 3315 8616

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